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As pipeline acquisitions catalyze industry's interest in targeting cardiometabolic disease with antisense and RNA therapeutics, and extra-hepatic targets represent a largely untapped opportunity; understanding how to safely and potently target, deliver and dose oligonucleotides to meaningfully address cardiometabolic disease is high-risk high reward.   

The 1st Oligonucleotides for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease Summit is a unique, disease-specific conference built to exclusively concentrate on the biological and clinical challenges of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, from rare to broad indications, in the context of oligonucleotide drug development.

From identifying viable targets in vascular, cardiac, and adipose tissue through to designing successful clinical trials with appropriate dosage and administration strategies; the agenda of this unique online conference will allow you and over 40 other stakeholders to pre-competitively advance oligo development against one of the world's biggest medical needs.