Hanson wade have taken the decision to cancel this meeting.
Please do accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this will cause.

Please register your interest here if you would like updates on the meeting or topic.

Welcome to The World’s 1st Conference Putting ASOs, RNAi & Other Emerging RNA Therapeutics into the Context of Cardiometabolic Disease

The Oligonucleotides for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease Summit is a new, scientifically driven discussion and networking conference exclusively focusing on biological, therapeutic-area challenges critical to accelerating oligonucleotide development success.

Join pioneering pharma and biotech to assess molecular biology informing novel target identification, understand lessons learned to close the translational gap, and gain expert-led foresight on considerations for clinical trial design. This is a unique, ground-breaking, opportunity to pre-competitively discuss, benchmark, and troubleshoot emerging RNA therapeutics specifically for CVM.

You will access high-quality content and networking opportunities live virtually and
directly from your home:   

  • Tune into live presentations and participate in live Q&A with the expert speaking faculty online

  • Engage in facilitated speed networking and round table discussion sessions to meet other attendees based on their interests

  • Attend public and private chatrooms including video calling for 121, private, off the cuff conversations and “corridor chats”
  • Save each session to your personal calendar to ensure you don’t miss the presentations you can’t miss

  • Set up a personalized profile and engage with speakers, attendees and partners that have the same line of work and area of expertise as you